A Full Week of Full Plates: Friday

Each day this week has brought a plethora of high-volume, reasonably wholesome spreads I have shown you to demonstrate that you can enjoy extra-large meals and portion sizes without overindulging. Today was no different…

Friday Meal #1

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A Full Week of Full Plates: Thursday

Today brings yet another volumetrically delicious bounty of food:

I began the day with my usual lemon water and baby carrots.

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A Full Week of Full Plates: Tuesday

It is time for day two of my full week of high-volume eating documentation. I would much rather have an entire cake than a small sliver. If you agree, I hope this inspires you to keep your plates full by making food choices that maximize portion size and nutrients for the amount of calories they contain. Believe me; your satisfied belly will thank you.

Tuesday Meal #1

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Crunch Therapy

You are overwhelmed with quotas to fill at work; you cannot seem to keep up with your school assignments; you accidentally ran over your cell phone with your car; you cannot remember your social security number; your significant other went missing and suddenly seems to have changed their phone number. We have all been there…stress, anxiety, restlessness. Whether it is an unforeseen disaster, or just the wear-and-tear of daily life, stress causes many physical and emotional reactions. And right now, in your unappeased state of mind, you want to eat a whole box of something crunchy. Continue reading