Big Fish on a Little Plate

Big Fish on a Little Plate; traditional/digital hybrid illustration

Big Fish on a Little Plate; traditional/digital hybrid illustration

You may be familiar with the concept of being a “big fish in a little pond” versus being a “little fish in a big pond” in certain life situations. As far as our plates go, let those of us with insatiable appetites always keep our them overflowing with deliciousness!


Don’t Get Trapped by Small Portions

Hunger; traditional/digital hybrid illustration

Hunger; traditional/digital hybrid illustration

I came across this illustration I did back in college. With regard to having a bottomless pit of a stomach, it reminded me to not let any obstacles get in the way of my desire to eat large amounts of food without feeling over-indulged or sacrificing healthfulness. With a bit of devotion and creativity, anything is possible!

Drawn to Food

Peppers and Onion Illustration

Peppers and Onion; traditional/digital hybrid illustration

In addition to being a major food-enthusiast, I am an illustrator and designer. Throughout the years, I have gone through many phases of subjects I would commonly choose to illustrate. Back in kindergarten, it was bunny rabbits…high school, cartoons of skateboarders…college, scientific astronomy objects…and now–you guessed it–food! Continue reading

Who Wants Seconds?

Intro Post 2What is it about food that fascinates so many of us? Food inspiration is everywhere; blogs, television programs, magazines, etc. Countless social gatherings are centered around it. Perhaps the fact that food sits among the physiological needs at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy is what influences such a common infatuation. The food fanatic bandwagon is one I am proud to have jumped on, as over the years, it has brought much joy to my life through cooking and recipe developing. As an illustrator, it has strongly influenced my artwork. Grocery shopping is not a chore for me; it is an adventure. In many ways, I am just another foodie…though not completely… Continue reading