An Idea I YAM Quite Pleased with…

What is not to be adored about sandwiches!? You get everything your heart could possibly desire; meat, cheese, vegetables, condiments, or all of the above contained within a hearty housing of…bread???

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Wrapped Up in a New Idea…Plus a GIVEAWAY!


‘Tis the season for all sorts of wrapping. If neatness is not your forte, you are likely still cleaning up all of the crumpled wrapping paper left behind from your holiday gifts. If you live in a part of the world where winter is at its peak, you are probably wrapped in layers upon layers of warm clothing. You might also be wrapped up in achieving your New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be.

If you are anything like me with an insatiable Bottomless Stomach appetite, you are wrapped up in thoughts about food right now. You are thinking about how delicious your last meal was…looking forward to your next one…and figuring out what to do with that darn package of sushi nori that has been sitting in the back of your pantry since goodness knows when.


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Mulling Over Pulling…

Slightly off the topic of food, I have been trying something new recently: oil pulling. This is basically a technique of swishing oil in the mouth (like a mouthwash) to promote good oral health. While the subject is not directly related to food, it still leads me to a recipe worth sharing. Continue reading

Crunch Therapy

You are overwhelmed with quotas to fill at work; you cannot seem to keep up with your school assignments; you accidentally ran over your cell phone with your car; you cannot remember your social security number; your significant other went missing and suddenly seems to have changed their phone number. We have all been there…stress, anxiety, restlessness. Whether it is an unforeseen disaster, or just the wear-and-tear of daily life, stress causes many physical and emotional reactions. And right now, in your unappeased state of mind, you want to eat a whole box of something crunchy. Continue reading

How to Eat Like a King

Before we get to the recipes, I would like to share some useful tips and essential items used for my cooking methods. The old saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” I prefer, however, to eat every meal like a king (or queen in my case). I must mention that I am not a nutritionist; I like to eat a lot, I like to benefit from what I put into my body, and this is what works for me.

The goal of high-volume eating is to be able to get the most volume, or amount of food for the least amount of calories, allowing one to feel satisfied without overeating. While this approach is often used for weight loss to prevent dieters from feeling deprived, I personally use it to eat large portions while maintaining my weight.

In order to get the highest volume of food per calorie, the trick is to choose foods that are low in calorie density. Fiber and water content are two factors that greatly affect calorie density. For example, think of how much more space ten fresh grapes occupy compared to ten raisins. It has also been speculated that dietary fiber is not completely digested, therefore contributing few calories to the diet while adding plenty of volume.

To achieve my collection of low calorie-dense recipes, I focus on ingredients that are high in fiber and protein, while being low in fat and sugar. Additionally, I seek out foods that will provide health benefits whenever possible. In the absence of fat and sugar, however, attaining optimal taste and texture requires some creativity. Continue reading