A Holiday Medley to Fill Your Belly

As much as I appreciate the simplicity of single elements (for example, enjoying an unadorned cup of black tea or a monomeal of an entire cantaloupe), I also enjoy a good mash-up. Thanksgiving has come to be the perfect day to celebrate the the luxury of stuffing a cornucopia’s worth of different foods into our bottomless stomachs at once, and what better way to artfully do so than with…a sandwich?!

For this slightly less than traditional (yet still comfortingly familiar) Thanksgiving meal, I chose several of my favorite staples: sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, apple pie, green beans, and of course, turkey. The result is satisfyingly stick-to-your-ribs, wholesome, and fun…a grand holiday ensemble that can be enjoyed between two humble slices of bread.

There are so many different foods that have made their way to our holiday feasting traditions, and the beauty is that some may be different from table to table. Feel free to mix and match your own favorites; the possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind also that this is a fantastic use for your newly-acquired bounty of Thanksgiving leftovers! I used an entire package of pre-sliced turkey, but you can just as easily substitute leftover carved turkey.

I hope everyone had the best of Thanksgivings possible. Pease always know that I am thankful for all of you who share an insatiable appetite for all things food, and I appreciate the time you are taking at this very moment to read the words I write to you. Cheers, my dear friends!!


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