Good Things Come in Threes

Few things are better than a creamy, nutty, delicious peanut butter sandwich. Except for three of them at once.

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Nut butters, wonderful and healthy as they are, can be bad news for high-volume recipes. I prefer to reserve them for very active days and special occasions, but often find it hard to limit myself to the recommended serving size on an otherwise typical day.

279D1644For this reason, peanut powder is ideal. Essentially, it is finely ground peanuts in which much of the fat has been removed, leaving a powder very similar to peanut flour. Because of the reduced fat content, it is much lower in calories per gram than regular peanut butter. A well-known example is PB2, though I prefer Santa Cruz, as it has absolutely no added salt or sugar. This item has come in quite handy for everything from ice creams, baking, sauces, puddings, and yes…even sandwiches!! It can easily be reconstituted with any liquid to form a spreadable paste. Realistically, it will never have exactly the same texture as traditional peanut butter, but a bit of experimentation with the amount of added liquid can produce satisfyingly similar results.

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Generally, I find that using approximately one tablespoon of liquid per two tablespoons of powder creates the best nut butter-like consistency and mouthfeel. The key is to not add so much liquid so that it becomes runny, but to make sure that there is no dry powder or clumps left when combined. You want to be able to scoop the mixture out with a spoon and turn it upside down without it falling off.

The lower calorie, high-protein nature of this product is embraced by many people as a good way to enjoy peanut butter while losing weight. For me and my bottomless stomach-sized appetite, however, it means I can have twice (or three times, in this case), as much. Peanut butter makes everything better; no questions asked.

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Pile of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

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Makes: 3 sandwiches

6 slices bread (see notes)
6 tablespoons (45 grams) peanut powder
3 tablespoons water

Combine the peanut powder with the water and stir thoroughly with a whisk or fork, adding more water if needed. Only add a small amount of additional water at a time (see notes) so as not to make the mixture too thin.

Continue to stir and incorporate until desired consistency is reached. It should be smooth and fairly stiff like traditional nut butter, though still easy to spread with no visible powder remaining.

Spread mixture onto bread and be sure to eat all 3 sandwiches in one sitting.


  • Use any bread of your choice, though, this is the one I used, which makes a good gluten-free option.
  • The most effective way to add small amounts of water at a time is with a spray bottle.
  • If using pure peanut powder with no added salt or sugar, add small amounts of your own salt and/or sweetener of choice to make it taste closer to that traditional jarred peanut butter you grew up with.
  • Take the creative liberty to add whatever mix-ins you desire; chopped peanuts, cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc.

Nutrition Facts:
Per 3 sandwiches – 410 calories (117 from fat); 13g total fat (0g saturated fat); 0mg cholesterol; 360mg sodium; 50g total carbohydrate (6g dietary fiber, 6g sugar, 44g net carbs); 14g protein Bonus: Iron (12% dv)

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