Deliciously Organized

I like food. I like to organize things into separate compartments. And who doesn’t love trendy Americanized renditions of Japanese culture?! So guess what…I got a bento box.


I had seen some images on the web over the years from other food bloggers featuring these cute little “bento” containers with neatly-packed and beautifully displayed meals. Being interested in both food and the presentation of it, I was intrigued, so I decided to figure out what the hype was about. I noticed several of the meals included many Japanese-inspired foods. Doing a bit of research then lead me to learn about the practice’s Japanese roots.

I thought it was a lovely idea, as my Type A personality makes compartmentalization very appealing, whether it be food, office supplies, or anything else that is able to be organized. I also greatly appreciate the beauty of an artfully-presented meal, and enjoy taking the time to do so myself.

In addition to the bento box, I purchased an insulated tote bag and water bottle. The tote bag includes a front pocket that can accommodate any additional food or other items that don’t fit into the box.



All of the items were purchased at Whole Foods Market, but the bento containers and tote bag can also be found at, and the water bottle can be found at

I am greatly looking forward to incorporating these items into my meal preparations, so stay tuned to see what I do to make use of them…


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