Who Wants Seconds?

Intro Post 2What is it about food that fascinates so many of us? Food inspiration is everywhere; blogs, television programs, magazines, etc. Countless social gatherings are centered around it. Perhaps the fact that food sits among the physiological needs at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy is what influences such a common infatuation. The food fanatic bandwagon is one I am proud to have jumped on, as over the years, it has brought much joy to my life through cooking and recipe developing. As an illustrator, it has strongly influenced my artwork. Grocery shopping is not a chore for me; it is an adventure. In many ways, I am just another foodie…though not completely…

Like all lovers of food, I like to eat. I like to eat a lot. Large portions are always welcome on my plate, as there are few things more comforting than a full tummy. At the same time, I prefer to eat healthfully and avoid overindulgence in excess calories and sugar. This is where I am called to mission.

I have encountered many lower calorie, “better-for-you” options of the foods I desire, yet they often do not meet my dietary preferences. If I am going to eat dessert (and have seconds) on a regular basis, I want to not only enjoy it, but also feel good about it. I do not sacrifice quality for quantity, but in order to achieve my method of high-volume eating, I have left conventionalism behind. I use many uncommon ingredients that are not typically found in your average grocery store, and I have taken a lot of time, effort, and experimentation to generate my recipes. My formulations have required creativity, innovation, and utmost determination.

I face a constant challenge with my non-traditional cooking methods in order to fill my bottomless pit of a stomach. Working hard to create anything however, whether it be a recipe or an illustration, brings utmost satisfaction. I suppose that is the nature of my artistic tendencies. So please join me as I share my recipes, tips, artwork, and so much more. Let us fill our bowls full of awesomeness and go back for seconds, thirds, and then some. Just be sure to save room for dessert! Hungry for more? Stay tuned…


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